Method used to create policies for automatic data recovery using OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01

OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01 creates policies for automatic data recovery based on the following procedures:
1. Log in to OceanStor DeviceManager.
2. Choose Settings > Cluster Settings > Protection Policy > Automatic Data Reconstruction.
3. In the function pane, click Create.
4. In the Create Data Reconstruction Policy dialog box, select Execution Period and Impact, and click OK.
- Execution Period defines the time segment during which the data recovery task is executed on the specified day every week. The periods specified in data recovery policies cannot overlap.
- Impact indicates the level of the impact of data recovery tasks on system performance during the time segment specified by Execution Period. The level includes High, Medium, Low, Stop, and Full Speed.
In the Succeeded dialog box, click OK. The page for configuring the data recovery policy is displayed.

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