How Can I Use WinSCP to Transfer a File?

You can download WinSCP at
1.Open the WinSCP folder and double-click WinSCP.exe.
The WinSCP Login dialog box is displayed.

You can click Languages to set the interface language.

2.Set login parameters in the login page.

The parameters are described as follows:
Hose name (H): indicates the IP address of the device that you want to connect to, for example,
Port number (R): The default value is 22.
User name (U): indicates the user name for login, for example, admin123
Password (P): indicates the login password, for example, Admin123!
Key file (K): The default value is blank. Keep the default value unchanged.
Protocol: Keep the default value SFTP unchanged and select Allow SCP fallback (F).

3.In the left pane of the page, click Directories and enter values for Remote Directory (such as /home/permitdir) and Local Directory (such as E:\Software\Configuration tool).
4.Click Login.

The WinSCP file transfer page is displayed.

If no key files are selected upon first login, a dialog box is displayed stating Continue connecting and add host key to cache. Click Yes (Y) to display the WinSCP file transfer page.

5.Select the file you want to transfer and choose File (F) > Copy (C).

The Copy dialog box is displayed.

6.Confirm the file to be copied and the remote directory to which the file is to be copied and click Copy.

The system starts to transfer the file from the local PC to the remote device.

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