How Can I Log In to a Switch from WIN 7?

Logging in to a switch from a maintenance terminal running Windows 7
1.Use a serial cable to connect the RS-232 serial port of the maintenance terminal to the console port of the switch.
2.Download and install the PuTTY tool.
3.Double-click PuTTY.exe.
The PuTTY Configuration dialog box is displayed.

4.In the navigation tree on the left, choose Session. Select Serial in the Connection type.
5.In the navigation tree on the left, choose Category > Connection > Serial.
6.Set login parameters.

Select the serial port of the maintenance terminal, for example, COM1. If the maintenance terminal has several serial ports, try COM2 if COM1 is unavailable. Other values are as follows:
Speed (baud): 9600
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Parity: none
Flow control: none

7.Click Open. The PuTTY page is displayed prompting login as:.
8.After login as, type your user name and press Enter.
9.After Password, type your password and press Enter.

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