OceanStor ReplicationDirector Management Node Fault

1. On a new physical server or VM, install the same version of OceanStor ReplicationDirector. For details about the installation, refer to OceanStor ReplicationDirector V100R003C10 Product Documentation.
After finishing the installation, configure the OceanStor ReplicationDirector network information and confirm that the node name, IP address, and other configurations are the same as those of the original OceanStor ReplicationDirector.
2. Obtain the latest backup management data.
Backup file save path:
o Automatic backup: Go to the backup file save path /root/CloudComputing/DRBackup/OceanStor ReplicationDirector management IP address/YYYY-MM-DD/Auto/ConfigData.zip
o Manual backup: Go to your local system to obtain the ConfigData.zip file.
3. Import the configuration data into the newly installed OceanStor ReplicationDirector.

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