How Can I Power Off and Power On a CSE System?

Power off a CSE system.
Perform power-off operations when no services are running on the CSE system. To power off the CSE system, complete the following steps:

1.Log in to each C-Node as user root and run halt to power off each C-Node.
2.Log in to each SD-Node as user root and run halt to power off each SD-Node.
3.Power off all switches and then the cabinet after all C-Nodes and SD-Nodes are powered off (that is, all indicators on those nodes are red on).
Power on the CSE system.
Do not perform any operation during the CSE system power-on and check process.

1.Power on the cabinet and then switches and view indicators on the switches to ensure that their status is normal.
2.Press the power button on each SD-Node to power on all SD-Nodes.
3.Wait approximately 5 minutes. Then, press the power button on each C-Node to power on all C-Nodes.
4.Use the inspection tool to check the CSE system status.

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