How do I set the delay for re-applying a routing policy

The AR120&AR150&AR160&AR200&AR500&AR510&AR1200&AR2200&AR3200&AR3600 provides the following rules for processing changes of a routing policy:

After the command used to configure the routing policy changes, the RM module immediately notifies protocols of the change by default. You can run the route-policy-change notify-delay delay-time command to set the delay when the AR120&AR150&AR160&AR200&AR500&AR510&AR1200&AR2200&AR3200&AR3600 notifies protocols of re-applying a routing policy after the routing policy changes. The routing policy is re-applied after the delay.

-If the configuration of the routing policy changes again during the delay, the RM module resets the timer.
-If the routing policy is referenced by BGP, you can also run the refresh bgp all command to trigger BGP to apply the routing policy immediately during the delay.

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