Unmounting a Datastore Fails During Planned Migration or Cleanup of VMware VMs

1.Log in to the CLI of the ESXi host that does not function properly.
2.Run esxcli storage core device detached list command to check the detached LUNs in offstatus.
For example, the command output is:

Device UID State
-------------------------------- -----
naa.60022a11000b65c62c09cbb000000016 off
naa.60022a11000b65c62c09cbd00000001b off
naa.60022a11000b65c62c09cc060000001c off NOTE:
You can delete 60022a11000b65c62c09cbb000000016, 60022a11000b65c62c09cbd00000001b and 60022a11000b65c62c09cc060000001c recorded detached LUNs in this example.

3.Run the esxcli storage core device detached remove -d naa.60022a11000b65c62c09cbb000000016 command to delete the record of detached LUNs.

This procedure uses ID 60022a11000b65c62c09cbb000000016 as an example.

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