The Logcache Disk of Fails

1.Log in to the FusionCompute at the production site. For details, see Logging In to the FusionCompute in the FusionCompute V100R005Cxx Software Installation Guide.
2.Select VM and Template.

The VM and Template page is displayed.

3.Select the VRG VM and choose Operation > Stop.
Stop the VRG VM as prompted. When the VM state becomes Stopped, the VM is successfully stopped.

4.Log in to OceanStor BCManager and click Settings.
The Settings page is displayed.

5.In the navigation tree on the left, choose Resource Mapping > VRG.
The VRG page is displayed.

6.Select the faulty VRG. In the Protected VM area, select the VM in the VRG. Click Move and select Force Remove.
Move the VM in the VRG to another VRG.

7.In the FusionCompute , detach the logcache disk from the VRG VM. For details. see Detaching a Disk from a VM in the FusionCompute V100R005Cxx Storage Management Guide.
The logcache disk of the VRG is the second disk whose capacity is 100 GB.

8.Attach a new logcache disk to the VRG VM. For details. see Attaching a Disk to a VM in the FusionCompute Storage Management Guide.
9.In the FusionCompute, choose Operation > Start in the line where the VRG VM resides.
Start the VRG VM. When the VM state becomes running, the VM is successfully started.

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