How to add CNENs to the existing system?

ter CNENs are added and cabled, initialize the system by referring to step 9 of System Initialization.
Add a secondary node to the clustered NAS engine.
a.(Optional) Add a physical IP address to the clustered NAS engine.

When the specified value in Number of nodes to pre-configure is smaller than the number of nodes that you want to install, manually add a physical IP address. Otherwise, nodes cannot be added successfully.

Number of physical IP addresses to be added = Number of the CNENs to be added x Number of the service network ports of the CNENs

For details about parameter description, see Help on this page.

b.In the ISM navigation tree, choose Clustered NAS Storage System > Device Information.
c.Select a clustered NAS engine to which a node is to be added.
d.In the function pane, click the Unclustered Nodes tab.
e.Select a node and click Add to Cluster.

The Result dialog box is displayed.

f.Click OK.
g.Add other nodes to the cluster.

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