How to configure a route for the N8500 NAS engine?

1.In the navigation tree of the ISM main interface, choose Clustered NAS Storage System > Device Info.
2.Expand Device Info and select a clustered NAS engine to be configured.
3.In the function pane, choose Network > Route Management. The Route Management dialog box is displayed.
4.In the Route Table list box, view the information about the existing routes.
5.Click Add. The Add Route dialog box is displayed.
6.In the Node drop-down list, select a clustered NAS engine node to be configured.
7.In the IP Address text box, enter the IP address of the route to be added.
8.In the Subnet Mask text box, enter the subnet mask of the route to be added.
9.In the GateWay text box, enter the gateway IP address of the N8500.
10.Click OK. The Result dialog box is displayed.
11.Click Close.

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