RH8100 V3 PCIe slots

The RH8100 V3 supports hot-swappable and non-hot-swappable PCIe cards, and a maximum of 16 PCIe cards can be installed in front and rear I/O modules.
1. The rear I/O module supports 10 standard PCIe cards: four hot-swappable and six non-hot-swappable ones. For details, visit http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/pages/DOC1000010818YEE0409N/18/DOC1000010818YEE0409N/18/resources/en/out/rh8100_V3_user_guide_en/SemiXML%28rh8100_v3_inst_semi%29/rh8100_v3/inst/it_rh8100_v3_100004_trouble.html.

2. FM-A provides two PCIe riser cards with six PCIe slots for PCIe 3.0 x8 and PCIe 3.0 x16 cards. For details, visit http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/pages/DOC1000010818YEE0409N/18/DOC1000010818YEE0409N/18/resources/en/out/rh8100_V3_user_guide_en/SemiXML%28rh8100_v3_inst_semi%29/rh8100_v3/inst/it_rh8100_v3_100007_FM.html.

3. FM-B and FM-C do not support PCIe cards.

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