RH8100 V3 overview

The HUAWEI RH8100 V3 server is a general-purpose 8-socket rack server developed for Internet, Internet data centers (IDCs), cloud computing, enterprise, and telecom service applications.

The RH8100 V3 features high-performance computing (HPC), large memory capacity, and high scalability and reliability. It is easy to deploy and manage. The server is ideal for applications, including HPC, in-memory databases, virtualization, basic enterprise applications, and telecom services.

The RH8100 V3 can operate in single-system or dual-system mode.
? In single-system mode, the RH8100 V3 operates as a whole system and supports four or eight processors.
? In dual-system mode, the RH8100 V3 uses the Huawei FusionPar technology to implement the hard partitioning function. In dual-system mode, the RH8100 V3 operates as two independent systems, which are named systems A and B or partitions A and B. Each system or partition supports a maximum of four CPUs.

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