RH2288A V2 CPU

The RH2288A V2 supports a maximum of two Intel? Xeon? E5-2600 (Sandy Bridge-EP) or E5-2600 v2 (Ivy Bridge-EP) series processors. To provide powerful data processing functions, the server has CPUs integrated with memory controllers and PCIe controllers.
E5-2600 (Ivy Bridge-EP) series processors specifications:
? Number of cores per processor: 10 cores (2.4 GHz), 8 cores (2.6 GHz), 6 cores (2.6 GHz), and 4 cores (2.5 GHz)
? Two QPI links, up to 8.0 GT/s each
? Maximum memory speed: 1,866 MHz
? Maximum L3 cache capacity: 25 MB
Note: The maximum CPU power is less than or equal to 95 W.

For details, see the compatibility list: http://support.huawei.com/onlinetoolsweb/ftca/en

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