How about the indicators on the RH1288 V3 rear panel

Indicator State
Data transmission status indicator Blinking orange: Data is being transmitted.
Off: No data is being transmitted.

Connectivity status indicator Steady green: The port is properly connected.
Off: The port is not in use.

Unit Identification (UID) indicator The UID button/indicator helps identify and locate a server in a
rack. You can turn on or off the UID indicator by manually pressing
the UID button or remotely running a command on the iBMC CLI.
Steady blue: The server is located.
Off: The server is not located.
You can hold down the UID button for 4 to 6 seconds to reset iBMC.

Power supply unit (PSU) indicator Steady green: Both the active output and the standby output are
Off: There is no AC power input; the input overvoltage or undervoltage
occurs and the PSU is not detected; the PSU is abnormal.

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