How do I configure the NAT log output on the AR router

NAT logs are generated when the AR performs address translation. The logs record the source IP address, source port, destination IP address, destination port, and translated source IP address and source port, as well as user actions and timestamp. The configuration is as follows:
[Huawei] firewall log session enable //Enables the log function on the firewall. [Huawei] firewall log session nat enable //Enables the NAT session log function. Run the following commands to output logs to the log host or session log host:
1. Configure the device to use channel6 to send information to the log host at
[Huawei] info-center enable
[Huawei] info-center loghost channel channel6
2. Configure a binary log server whose IP address is and port number is 3456. Set the IP address and port number of the remote device to and 20000 respectively.
[Huawei] firewall log binary-log host 3456 source 20000

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