CX91x stacking configuration

Only the CX91x of the C10 version supports stacking. The CX91x of the C00 version does not support stacking.
The stacking function stacks a group of switches to form a single logical stack unit to increase the bandwidth and improve the reliability.
The stacked switches in the group take the following roles:
? Master switch: One master switch manages the entire stacking system. It allocates stacking member numbers, collects stacking topology information, and sends the topology information to all stacking members in the system.
? Standby switch: Only one standby switch is operating in the entire stacking system. When the master switch fails, the standby switch takes over the services and functions as the master switch.
? Slave switch: Any switch except the master switch in a stack. The standby switch is also a slave switch. When detecting neighbor loss, a slave switch sends a topology change packet to the master switch.
For details about the CX91x stacking configuration, see the following documents (the software is, 2.00, or later).|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380

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