CX311 performance

The network switching performance provided by CX311 is described as follows:
Supports 1.28 Tbit/s switching capacity.
Supports a packet forwarding rate of 960 Mpps.
Supports 131072 MAC addresses.
Supports 4063 VLANs.
Supports 128 Eth-Trunk ports (each Eth-Trunk port can be added with a maximum of 16 member ports.)
Supports 16384 ARPs.
Supports 9216-byte jumbo frames.
Each port supports eight queues.
Supports CAR (ingress: 2048; egress: 1024).
Supports 4 MB packet cache.
Supports ACLv4 (pre-ingress: 750; ingress: 1500; egress: 1000).
Supports 128 VRFs (MPLS is not supported).
Supports 16384 VPN routes.
Supports 16384 route entries.
Supports 16384 IPv4 FIBs and 8000 (the mask length is not longer than 64) IPv6 FIBs.
Supports 4000 L3 multicast forwarding entries.
Supports BFD: 128 BFD sessions, and the minimum interval for receiving and sending packets is 50 ms.
Supports VRRP: 64 VRRP backup groups; 64 VRRP management groups; each VRRP backup group supports 16 virtual IP addresses.
Supports a maximum of 48 MSTP instances.
Supports TRILL: 512 network nodes; 4062 CE-VLANs; 16-link load sharing specifications.

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