Configuring link aggregation of the CX110

Link aggregation is a method of combining multiple physical ports to form a single logical interface to provide a higher bandwidth. A link aggregation group across two switches provides a higher communication bandwidth and higher reliability. In addition, link aggregation provides redundancy protection for communications between devices without hardware upgrades.
CX110 supports the following link aggregation modes:
? Manual load balancing mode: You can add member interfaces to a link aggregation group. All interfaces forward traffic for load balancing. The load balancing of the CX110 can be based on destination MAC addresses, source MAC addresses, source or destination MAC addresses, source IP addresses, destination IP addresses, and source or destination IP addresses.
? Static LACP mode: Static LACP uses the LACP protocol to negotiate parameters and determine active and inactive interfaces. Static LACP can implement link load balancing and link redundancy.

Follow the instructions provided in the corresponding configuration guide:
? V100R001C00:|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380
? V100R001C10:

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