CH242 V3

The CH242 V3 is a large-memory, full-width, 4-socket compute node that uses the new-generation Intel? Xeon? E7-4800 v2 (Ivy Bridge-EX) CPUs. It provides strong computing capabilities and flexible scalability.
The CH242 V3 has the following two specifications:
? CH242 V3 8HDD
Supports SAS HDDs, SATA HDDs, SSDs, and PCIe SSDs, and supports two customized PCIe cards.
? CH242 V3 4HDD
Supports SAS HDDs, SATA HDDs, and SSDs and supports one standard full-height, half-length PCIe card and two customized PCIe cards.

CH242 V3 compute nodes are installed in an E9000 chassis and centrally managed by the MM910 management module (MM).
The CH242 V3 is optimized for virtualization, high density, high-performance computing, and large memory requirements. It is applicable to scenarios that require large storage capacity, strong I/O capability, and high reliability.

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