CH242 CPUs

The CH242 supports one, two, or four Intel? Xeon? E7-4800 (Westmere) CPUs with six, eight, or ten cores at 95 W, 105 W, or 130 W, or Intel? Xeon? E7-8800 (Westmere) CPUs with eight or ten cores at105 W or 130 W.

? Each CPU is integrated with two memory controllers:
? Each memory controller supports two Intel? Serial Management Interfaces (SMIs). Each SMI supports one MillBrook.
? Each MillBrook supports two DDR3 memory channels. Each DDR3 channel supports one DIMM at the DDR3 1333 or 1600 MHz frequency.
Maximum clock frequency: 2.66 GHz
For details about the CPUs supported by the CH242, see the compatibility checker:

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