CH140 CPUs

Each child compute node of the CH140 supports one or two Intel? Xeon E5-2600 or E5-2600 v2 (Sandy Bridge-EP or Ivy Bridge-EP) 4-core, 6-core, 8-core, 10-core, or 12-core CPUs of 70 W, 80 W, 95 W, 115 W, or 130 W.
Each CPU integrates memory controllers and supports four DDR3 memory channels. Each channel supports one DDR3 DIMM of 1333, 1600, and 1866 MHz.
Each CPU integrates a PCIe controller for supporting PCIe 3.0 and providing 8 lanes.
The two CPUs are interconnected through two QuickPath buses at 8.0 GT/s.
Maximum clock frequency: 3.5 GHz
For details about the CPUs supported by the CH221, see the compatibility checker:

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