Method used to configure DHCP lease on the AR

Except for the static addresses that are assigned to clients, the IP addresses dynamically assigned by the DHCP server to clients have the lease. By default, the lease is one day. The lease can be configured as needed. You can specify the lease for the global or interface address pool. For example, the address lease in the address pool p1 is 10 days. The configuration method is as follows:
- Global address pool
[Huawei] ip pool p1
[Huawei-ip-pool-p1] lease day 10
Interface address pool[Huawei] interface vlanif 10
[Huawei-Vlanif10] dhcp select interface
[Huawei-Vlanif10] dhcp server lease day 10
Different address pools on a DHCP server can be configured with different IP address leases, but IP addresses in one address pool must be configured with the same lease.

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