Function of the server management network port

The management network port of a server is the BMC (iMana/iBMC) port. For details, see the iMana User Guide (Link) or iBMC User Guide (Link).
The BMC implements server management and complies with IPMI2.0.
The BMC provides the following functions:
? Remote control: implements remote control of a server via Keyboard Video and Mouse (KVM), Serial over LAN (SOL), or virtual media.
?- Alarm management: Receives alarms from the Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) and takes related processing based on the information received.
? Status monitoring: monitors running status of FRUs in real time.
? Device information management: provides device version, model, and asset information.
? Heat dissipation: dynamically adjusts the fan speed based on the temperature and workload of the server.
? Support for IPMItool: iMana supports commands sent from IPMItool. You can download the IPMItool from official website.
? Support for web management: iMana provides GUI management, which allows users to perform set and query operations by simply clicking mouse.
-?Centralized account management: iMana allows user accounts to be stored on the Active Directory (AD) server, which redirects authentication to the server and implements access from domain users.

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