What's Generic Grounding Requirements for the Proper Running of the server

The design for grounding should follow the principles of equal voltage and equal potential. In other words, the working grounding and protection grounding, including the shielded grounding and the surge protection grounding of the cable distribution frame are jointly grounded at the same grounding body set.

Any uncharged metal objects in the TR, such as cable troughs, cable trays, cabinets, racks, shells, metal ventilation pipes, and metal doors and windows, should be grounded.

The ground cable must be directly connected to the protection ground bar of the TR.

The PGND cable should be a green-and-yellow insulated cable.

In North America, the PGND cable should be a green insulated cable.

To decrease high-frequency impedance, copper, rather than aluminum, should be used as the conductor of the ground cable and the ground cable should be thick and short as much as possible.

Ground connection should meet the following requirements:

The joint face is conductive and cannot be painted.
The joint face is clean.
Surface contact should be used in connection and the connection area should meet the requirement for through-current capability.
Connecting parts should be fixed securely.
It is recommended that the same metal be used as connecting parts, because this prevents electrochemical corrosion.
The PGND cable does not have any joint and no switch or fuse is installed on it.

The AC neutral wire must not be used as a PGND cable. The cabinet shell and PGND cable must be insulated from the neutral wire of the AC power supply.

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