What's Requirements for the AC Power Supply in the Proper Running of the server

The AC power supply comprised of the mains supply, UPS, and electric generator set is suitable for integrated power supply. Such an AC power supply should provide the features of simple connection, safe operation, flexible scheduling, and easy maintenance, and meet the load requirement in the office. A low voltage power supply system should be three-phase, five-wire, or single-phase, three-wire. Table 1 lists the nominal voltage and rated frequency of a low voltage AC power supply:

Nominal Voltage Rated Frequency
110 V, 127 V, 220 V, and 380 V 50 Hz

A UPS is typically used as an AC potential power of network products. A UPS should be in the same phase as the mains supply. The time used for switching between the UPS and the mains supply should be less than 10 ms. Otherwise, the server will reboot or reset.

When determining the AC distribution capacity in the TR, consider the working current and fault current. An independent device must have an independent AC distribution protection apparatus. The maximum capacity of the current over the configuration protection switch should be greater than the maximum capacity of the current over the protection switch of each device. When designing the capacity of an AC power supply system, consider the maximum load of the system in dynamic mode and static mode and reserve a certain margin. The cabling on the power distribution panel must be figured out based on the maximum power supply load. This helps you determine the type and size of the conducting wire.

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