V2 rack server NC-SI

iMana supports the NC-SI (Network Controller Sideband Interface) feature, that is, a physical network port can be used as both a management network port and a service network port. This feature allows users to access iMana through a service network port.
You can enable or disable the NC-SI features on the iMana or BIOS interface. By default, NC-SI is disabled.

For details about the NC-SI features, see http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/hdx.do?docid=DOC1000010818&lang=en&idPath=7919749|9856522|21782478|21782482|9768163&clientWidth=1520&browseTime=1494379275224.

For details about the NC-SI configuration, see http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/hdx.do?docid=DOC1000010818&lang=en&idPath=7919749|9856522|21782478|21782482|9768163&clientWidth=1520&browseTime=1494379275224.

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