How is static binding configured on an AR

Static DHCP binding allows the AR to allocate fixed IP addresses to user terminals with fixed MAC addresses. The AR needs to allocate the fixed IP address to the client with the MAC address of dcd2-fc96-e4c0. The configuration method is as follows:
- Based on the global address pool:
[Huawei] ip pool 1 //Address segments have been configured in the address pool.
[Huawei-ip-pool-1] static-bind ip-address mac-address dcd2-fc96-e4c0
- Based on the interface address pool:
[Huawei] interface vlanif 10 //An IP address has been assigned to the interface.
[Huawei-Vlanif10] dhcp server static-bind ip-address mac-address dcd2-fc96-e4c0
The configured IP address cannot be the IP address that has been assigned. If the system displays a message indicating that the IP address has been assigned, run the reset ip pool { interface pool-name | name ip-pool-name } { start-ip-address [ end-ip-address ] | all | conflict | expired | used } command in the user view to manually reclaim IP addresses in the address pool.

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