Give Feedback and Win Mate10!

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Quick Guide

>>>How to give feedback and get growth points?

1) Log in Wireless Network Information Center, click any online document or online tool.



2) Give your feedback at the bottom of a documet or online tool. You can obtain 100 points for each valid comment and 1,000~10,000 points for each valuable comment. (The points will reach your account no later than the end of December)


>>>How to claim prizes?

Log in Wireless Network Information Center and claim prizes. Good luck!


Event poster link:!docview?nid=SCL1000009292&path=PAN-IDC/PAN-AB


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pintu.sadhu  Platinum 
1 month 11 days ago
Good initiative
Saravanan.S  Gold 
25 days 11 hours ago
Thanks for such a good initiative to attract customer and new users
Ramezb  Medium 
24 days 5 hours ago
Thank you Huawei
nklsureshkumar  Platinum 
15 days 6 hours ago
please share the winner list.