UPCC Quick Start, Quickly Guides You to the UPCC

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In this issue, HTML5 is used for document development to provide you with a better reading experience and a quicker guide for accessing the UPCC.

Note: Some HTML5 display is not supported when the HedexLite is opened using the IE (any version). Therefore, it is recommended that the documentation be opened using the Chrome or Firefox. Online browsing using the IE9 or a later version is also recommended.


1.Product Overview
Product Overview provides an overview video of the UPCC and a technical brochure of the cloud UPCC.



2.Software Overview
Software Overview provides a UPCC software architecture description. 
Tips: Click the component icons in the architecture figure to display the corresponding descriptions below the icons.



3.Key Features
Slides are used to display the key features of the UPCC. Links of related feature information figures are also provided.



4.Product Performance
Product Performance provides a quick search channel for the performance indicators of the UPCC. Deployment of VM planning can be provided depending on the typical deployment plans.



Based on different roles, Deployment provides a description of the deployment flow and information and document required before the deployment.


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