Play over New Platform & Rules to Win MATE 10

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SPECIAL Christmas Event is online

1.Login Wireless Network Information Center to get 10000pt in Dec.(Point will be given on 2017/12/08)

2.Lottery odds double during Dec.2017.

Event Link :


~~~~~~~~~  Q&A  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1.        Where do these activities take place?

Wireless Network Information Center only

2.        Where do I check my bonus points?

Log in to the Wireless Network Information Center using your support account to view bonus points.

3.        Why does not my bonus point increase after I click on the website?

A maximum of 1,000 bonus points can be obtained from daily clicks. This helps ensure proper rights of all users and prevent the usage of malicious software.

4.        Where can I find an input box to enter an invitation code and invite new users?

An existing user can only share an invitation code to new users. Once a new user enters the invitation code, both the existing and new users will obtain 1,000 points. Each account can only input an invitation code for only once, but can share an invitation code for multiple times.

5.        Why does the website only allow each existing user to invite a maximum of 150 new users?

This helps to prevent a malicious way to gain considerable bonus points in a short time period by sending invitation emails. This violates the intention of our activities and does harm to equality of all users.

6.        Each user can only invite a maximum of 150 users to gain 150,000 points at most. How do I acquire 300,000 points to win a MATE 10?

You have to participate in multiple activities to obtain 300,000 points, such as website logins, clicks, feedback, and special activities during holidays.

7.        How often will the prizes be supplemented?

The prizes for lucky draws are supplemented every month, but the number of MATE 10 is limited.




Log in with a support account. Move the cursor upon your profile and click Claim prizes to access the redemption page.



A:Obtain growth scores and claim prizes.


Q: How do I obtain growth scores?

A: Four methods are available.

1. Perform click and login operations.

l  Daily logins: 5 scores

l  Each click: 5 scores

l  Logins over N consecutive days: 5+N scores

l  15 or more logins within a calendar month: 500 scores

2.Participate in various activities over Wireless Network Information Center.




Invite New Users and Win Prizes

Oct 15 -

Give Feedback and Win Prizes

Oct 15 - Dec 31


New Reading Experience with SRAN13.X, Learn it Now and Win Prizes

Oct 15 - Dec 31!docview?nid=SCL1000009181&path=PAN-IDC/PAN-AB


3. Become a contributing user of wireless documentation.

If you help organize documentation trainings or frequently propose valuable questions, you will enjoy first-hand experience and obtain a lot of growth scores as a contributing user.

4. Invite new users.

On the redemption page, you can send your invitation code to other new users. After successful input of the invitation code by a new user, both you and the new user can obtain 1000 growth scores.



Q: How do  I claim growth scores?

A: Log in to Wireless Network Information Center with a support account. Move the cursor upon your profile and click Claim prizes.




Q: How can i make a Lucky Draw or Prize Redemption

1.Read the activity rules. Check your growth scores, consumed scores, and the prize after each lucky draw.


2.Select a prize and click Lucky Draws. If you are a lucky dog, a prize winner page will be displayed.

3.Enter a valid Email address. We will dispatch prizes and notify you via Email by the end of the month.


Click to experience:

event poster:



*This function will be online on 2017/10/16 after you login your support account in Wireless Network Information Center .

*For more information about our website, please take a look at our promo video.

*The event is for equipment users and HUAWEI engineers, the right to interpret this activity belongs to HUAWEI wireless network documentation Dept.

*Mate10 is 64GB version.


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2 months 12 days ago
user_2824575 发表于 2017-11-10 07:56 Great!Please note that "promo vedio" is wrongly written. It should be writen "promo video"
thank you my friend, we will give you 10000pt for your correction feedback.
in fact, we hope our users not only invite new friends, but also take more events in our information center.
Next week we will have a feedback event which a valuable feedback will make at most 10000pt!
i hope you can attend that event to get the finally MATE10 prize.
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2 months 8 days ago
Atif 发表于 2017-11-14 18:05 My score is not counting, please advice
Dear Atif
thank you for your feedback
please follow the lead by this page ... id=370899&page=
every time when a new user fill in your invite code successfully, you will both get 1000pt right on time.
DXXXtator  Silver 
2 months 7 days ago
user_2824575 发表于 2017-11-15 02:12 I think no one can reach his growth score to win mate 10 with these rules! . The limitation on numbe ...
Dear friend, thank you for your feedback.
the feedback event will have a settlement after the event is over. At that time , you pt
will be given.
As your consider, the reason why we have a limit is to prevent machine refresh instead of human play.
if we cancel the limit, i think some hackers will finish the goal in seconds and eventually you ,my dear customer will be the victim of that
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1 month 24 days ago
Chanbora 发表于 2017-11-28 18:25 How to invite new users to get growth score?
Dear friend.
Thank you for your feedback.
Log in with a support account. Move the cursor upon your profile and click Claim prizes to access the redemption page.
you will have a invitation code and please share the code to your friend any way you like. when your friend successfully fill in your code, you will both be given 1000pt.
DXXXtator  Silver 
1 month 18 days ago
user_2991029 发表于 2017-12-4 12:38 What mean by "Lottery odds double during Dec.2017"?
That is the "lucky draw" odd, it will be double during december
Syahir  1 month 18 days ago

Thanks ya :) 

DXXXtator  Silver 
1 month 16 days ago
Syahir 发表于 2017-12-6 10:55 Hi,Would appreciate if can show the demo or exaample to get the Lottery odds double during Dec.2017 ...
Dear friend.
Thank you for your feedback.
Now we do not have a demo yet. but you can have some lucky draw for trying.
For example, if you will win a lucky draw for rate 1% before ,and now it is changed to 2% in Dec 2017 .
DXXXtator  Silver 
1 month 15 days ago
Syahir 发表于 2017-12-7 10:52 Thank you for the feedback.Is there any icon/button/link that will go directly to the lucky draw?
DXXXtator  Silver 
1 month 14 days ago
ChiaraChiara 发表于 2017-12-7 20:44 can't find where to input the invitation code...
dear friend
thank you for your feedback.
the input blank to fill in the invitation code is only open the new users.
As an old user, you can share your code to them and let them fill in, then both of you could have 1000pts.