UE IP Address Binding Manual

nklsureshkumar  Platinum 
8 months 29 days ago
great document
Tony.Cheng  Moderator 
8 months 28 days ago
Thanks for your comment. You are welcome to feedback more suggestion to us.
sohaib_alhilf  Gold 
4 months 2 days ago
Thank you for this doc and you share it with us
warm regards
user_3045075  Junior 
2 months 8 days ago
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Tony.Cheng  Moderator 
2 months 6 days ago
sohaib_alhilf 发表于 2017-9-23 05:34 Thank you for this doc and you share it with us warm regards
Thank you so much as you keep concerns about our documentations update. We are always listening to your voice and hope you can provide more feedback. Thank you.
Tony.Cheng  Moderator 
2 months 6 days ago
Yes? What can we do for you pls.?
Adeel.U.Awan  Jackeroo 
1 month 28 days ago
Good effort
Jamalb  Silver 
1 month 22 days ago
fine ...
Jamalb  Silver 
1 month 21 days ago
fine ...
sohaib_alhilf  Gold 
1 month 9 days ago
I have anther problem how I can make network between ue when I give to them pool ip
My work is
I have 5 person have cpe b2268s lte
They want to create to them network as vpn network to play game one of them have server
At first I create apn for them
And create pool ip in side it add all parameters in hss my proplem is the IP given to ue is cpe ip not server opportunity then they can't connect with server because of the ue network different then cpe ip
Thanks for your support
Best regard